Meet our teachers

Meet our teachers

We have been so lucky with the amazing teachers that have become part of our family here at Evolve. There is truly something unique and special in each of our staff - but all with one thing in common - their passion for sharing yoga with our community of students.

Laura Perry's classes are all about being playful with your movement. The class is structured to create foundational strength and open up space in the body. She encourages  students not to take their practice too seriously, to have fun, and to enjoy and love yoga practice! It can be so intimidating to start yoga - especially if you aren't sure what to expect with - but Laura's classes are relaxed and fun and a no pressure environment where you can gain confidence.

With philosophy at the heart of her teachings, Laura represents a traditional yet fresh and inclusive approach to yoga. Laura holds a space that allows individuals to delve within, in their own time and with an inquisitive nature. Inspired by mindful movement, Laura expertly guides individuals through their practice based on the Ashtanga method: a holistic approach to calming the body, the breath and the mind.


Set up in 2015 - Evolve Hot Yoga is the ONLY dedicated and purpose built hot yoga studio in North Manchester

We offer a variety of styles and classes from the complete novice to the advanced Yogi. 


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Victoria House.  Wood Street.  Bury

BL8 2SL (see the map)

T.  0161 705 2880


M. 07908 873449

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