I Love the Studio

Especially the summer months....

I love the members and I love what we do,


Bury is a unique place, everyone is friendly (or I have all the nice folk in Bury and surrounding districts coming to the studio!)

If that's the case "good" you're a lovely bunch of men, women, boys and girls.

You guys always smile pleasantly and are also down to earth, trustworthy, open and all round good eggs, so to speak.

Now, before it sounds ( if it hasn't already) as if I am a total creep and I'm after something ! I'm not ! Well not really but, why is it that at 10 minutes before we start there maybe 2 , 3 or possibly 4 in, at reception chatting away to me and then at 26 and a 1/2 minutes past 7 everyone else turns up ??? Sometimes as many as 25 or 28.

And I don't mind, honestly.

But what I do mind is the fact sometimes when I am under pressure and the clock is ticking, I can't remember every one's name.  Some names I easily remember but, don't forget I am a dad, and by just that one fact alone it means I can't remember names, it's something to do with being a parent. I only have three daughters and I have to say all three names before I get to the right one, it goes something like this, Megan ... Laura... Shelley... who ever you are do what I say ! And then I get abuse ! Usually a four letter word followed by a two letter word.

So please bear with me, I will get everyone's name right and get used to booking everyone in so that no one gets ignored and no one is missed of the register (which is a safety issue.)

Thanks for listening.


From the heart of Mike Rigby

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments so please email me at



Set up in 2015 - Evolve Hot Yoga is the ONLY dedicated and purpose built hot yoga studio in North Manchester

We offer a variety of styles and classes from the complete novice to the advanced Yogi. 


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Victoria House.  Wood Street.  Bury

BL8 2SL (see the map)

T.  0161 705 2880

E.  enquiries@evolvehotyoga.co.uk

M. 07908 873449

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