Looking forward, hands in soft prayer

at my heart centre.

I focus on my next hour and prepare

the breath I take inflates my every cell

Calming, relaxing, allowing my concentration to flow

Softly, without strain, my breath and movement starts

It feels beautiful to me, it feels natural and right, I know

My dristi (focus) is selflessly unaware of other interests

I move with the strength and grace I was born to have

Creating calm and serenity where anxiety and tension infests


The fleeting time is never enough

But the feeling is creative and born of intelligence

An intelligence of mind, body and spirit

Of quality and time, passed down and spreads world wide

The calming increases with every breath I slowly take

Releasing my body from life's firm grip on my past

Giving me the chance to redeem myself

Before strangling this form I was given to pass through life

My spirit is lifted and my ego levelled as I slowly, purposefully

release my breath Just joy, never work this beautiful form

This beautiful, serine, calming, fulfilling regime we choose to do, Yoga. 

From the heart of Mike Rigby

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Set up in 2015 - Evolve Hot Yoga is the ONLY dedicated and purpose built hot yoga studio in North Manchester

We offer a variety of styles and classes from the complete novice to the advanced Yogi. 


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