We know why you're sad!



We know why you're sad! You’ve just lost your dad!

Put down that gun! Just grieve for your mum!

Why do things affect me so badly?

Why do I react so sadly?

When I'm flying so high on Jupiter or Mars

Why do others see danger? When I just see stars


Both feet on the ground! I walk safe and sound

No one could know what's going on in my head

I don't understand when I wake in my bed

And I feel like there's nothing to live for

Both my parents where here, I had nothing to fear

But the strength in me had gone, think I'll get up and run.


This darkness descends, I don't know why

Some days I'll laugh and others just cry

I have something that's stronger than the bonds of sadness.

My girls have brought me nothing but gladness

The hormones have settled, I'm out of the nettles

A reason to love for! My life I would give for!


We're only here once! Our time is just fleeting

I'm thinking the black dog's just a chance meeting

I never ever give up trying, I'm immortal and not dying

I'll accumulate great wealth and stay in great health

Put up with the black spots to savor the good, enjoy my family and parenthood

Average men's age going at 49, stay even stronger to taste life's sweetest wine

From the heart of Mike Rigby

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